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  • New for 2018 Cockeshell and Daisy Dell with new owners and tastefully styled.


    House in Croyde, free wifi, smart TV, private secure parking, garden 


Is membership an investment?

“No”. Joining Croyde Bay Holidays Ltd secures a lifetime of holidays for you and your family for a once-only payment, which is likely to result in substantial savings on future holiday accommodation costs. Club membership not only provides holiday accommodation in North Devon, but also through Interval International, the world’s leading exchange organisation, you have the facility to swap your weeks with any equivalent accommodation available almost anywhere in the world. Should you wish to sell or surrender your membership, you can sell it privately or, offer it as a gift.


Every day Interval International members worldwide trade their resort time through the exchange system. Interval International (I.I) does not own any resorts, so the weeks exchanged are weeks that have been deposited from over 1,700 resorts in 70 countries around the world by members. You request your holiday requirements depending on size and season owned and I.I will find you a suitable match. They will then confirm your exchange and you will receive a comprehensive exchange confirmation, listing resort and unit facilities together with transport details, directions, restaurants and local attractions.

Travel insurance, car hire and virtually any travel requirement can be arranged through I.I who offer a discount member travel rate, or alternatively you can make your own arrangements. It is a one stop travel shop and service and it works.

What legal documents are provided?

The details of all foregoing arrangements are set out in the Club documents and every member is entitled to a copy of those documents. As with so many legal documents, they are not easy for anyone other than lawyers to understand. It may then be helpful therefore to set out here, by way of explanation, what documents there are and how they affect the rights of the Club members.

THE CONSTITUTION: The Constitution is the Club Rule Book and like every Club Rule Book, it sets out in detail the rules by which every Club member agrees to be bound. Not surprisingly, it sets out that there has to be a members’ meeting every year and to elect the Committee. It provides that every member must act in a responsible manner in the interest of all the members and must pay every year his share of the cost of running the Club. Every member has to be given a Membership Certificate in the form specified by the Constitution. Every member should look after his certificate carefully because it is his document of title to his membership rights. Members will see, endorsed on the back of their Membership Certificate, a form of transfer to be used in case of re-sale or transfer of membership rights. The transfer procedures are all set out in the Constitution.

THE DEED OF TRUST: This document sets out the obligations of the Trustees to safeguard the Club assets for all members. It sets out, in particular, that they must not allow the properties to be mortgaged or sold without the consent of the members of the Club.

THE MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT: As mentioned earlier, every Club member must contribute every year to the costs of running the Club. The management company and the Committee set annual fees yearly.

Do I have to use my accommodation personally?

The Club’s apartments are at the full disposal of members, who may allow their friends, relatives and associates to use their occupancy rights. Members may also rent their accommodation privately or ask the management at Croyde Bay to assist, should they not wish to take up their entitlement personally for one or more years.

How is the membership cost collected?

Instead of a conventional club, where members have to pay an annual membership fee, members pay a once only entrance fee, which covers their membership. All members also pay an annual contribution towards the running costs of the Club.

Does the entrance fee vary?

The fees are determined by the size of apartment you require, the number of nights’ accommodation you require, and the time of year. Obviously, rights to holiday in peak times like summer will cost more than other times of the year. The great advantage of Croyde Bay Holidays is its location and range of facilities, which make it an attractive place to holiday at any time of the year.

How does the cost of membership of Croyde Bay Holidays compare with traditional holiday costs?

An equivalent rental cottage or villa abroad for a family of six at today’s prices can cost £900 for one week and even more in high season. Even if holiday prices do not rise, this represents a cost of approximately £9,000 over ten years without any asset value. A comparable once-only membership fee, plus a small annual maintenance fee, secures a lifetime of holidays and year-round amenity use for you and your family.

What are the different types of membership?

At Croyde Bay Holidays Ltd., there are three different types of membership providing holiday accommodation rights at different times of the year. Red, provides holidays during the most popular times of the year, generally including most children’s school holidays; Yellow, provides mid season holidays; Green provides the perfect choice if you prefer out of season holidays. When you have chosen the season that suits you best, all you have to decide is how many nights’ accommodation you will require. Accommodation is acquired in multiples of seven nights.

Who manages Croyde Bay Co-owners Club?

Club members will naturally be concerned to see that their holiday ownership project is properly managed, and all the apartments and amenities are looked after. A management company has been set up to carry out the management under the supervision of the Committee of the Club. The affairs of the Club will be in the hands of a Committee of seven people, two of whom will be appointed by the promoters of the scheme, and five of whom will be elected by other Club members. Every Club member will therefore have a say in how the Club is managed.

Are towels and linen supplied?

Each Club apartment is supplied with a full complement of fresh linen, tea towels, dishcloths and towels.

Who does the cleaning?

This is arranged by the housekeeping services.